Jacqueline Olivo Foundation Inc.

In loving memory of Jacqueline, we were inspired to create this foundation. Jacqueline is our guide with helping hands from heaven.  Jacqueline believed that every person has a right to basic human and civil rights.






A Massachusetts based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Devoted to help the homeless in our local communities.





Our Mission

Outreach to the homeless on our local streets, shelters, and treatment programs providing:

Clothing, boots, shoes, blankets, backpacks...


Our Vision

To open a 1,000 bed shelter providing all in need a safe haven to call home

Our goal

To engage all people in a local effort to help eradicate homelessness.







"Thank you Louis. You are a very kind generous woman. Have a nice holiday and may God bless you.


Josephine M."






Josephine M.







"Your story touched my heart. You are doing such good in your daugthers name. Your strength and courage amaze me. God bless you and thank you for all you are doing. Words can't express how I feel.


 Kathy R."







Kathy R.


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The homeless are hero's of war, those suffering from substance abuse, the mentally ill, and people who have lost all hope due to tragedies and hardship.

          Many of us are one catastrophic event away from being homeless.


Please help Jacqueline bring the homeless out of the dark and into the light.    All donations are used to purchase items needed to give dignity and hope to all in need.



Phone: 508-282-0211

E-mail: olivo.lois@yahoo.com


Jacqueline Olivo Foundation Inc.

Bellingham, MA, United States

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